22 acres of land conserved at Meadow Brook in St. George

The St. George Conservation Commission announces the conservation of 22 acres of the Meadow Brook estuary, including forested wetlands along Turkey Cove Road in the Otis Cove section of town.  The property contains high value bird and wildlife habitat, open space beauty, and future recreational potential.  “This project represents a milestone in local efforts to conserve lands in St. George, as it delivers on the goals set forth in the voter approved Comprehensive Plan,” said Conservation Commission Chair, Ken Oelberger.   “The plan directs the town to protect St. George’s natural resources including wetlands, wildlife and fisheries habitat, shore-lands, scenic vistas, and unique natural areas.  We are carrying out the will of the voters.”

The parcel came on the market in 2015, and the St. George Conservation Commission contacted Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT), a statewide land conservation organization, seeking their support in protecting the land from development.  MCHT worked to secure funding from the Maine Natural Resources Conservation Program and then negotiated a conservation-minded sale with the landowner.  The 22-acre property abuts existing town-owned lands and is part of the largest undeveloped habitat block in the town—totaling 1873 acres.   It will be managed as a preserve that is free and open to the public.

Other publicly owned lands along Meadow Brook include transfer station property, the Tenants Harbor Water District and St. George Scouting.  This block of publicly owned land sets up the possibility of a network of recreational footpaths.  In the coming months MCHT will work with local partners including the Georges River Land Trust to complete a long-term stewardship and management plan for the property, and will continue to assist the town of St. George in identifying future conservation opportunities.

—Maine Coast Heritage Trust  

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