A history of Port Clyde businesses

With this article you will see the business directories for Port Clyde from 1892 and 1932. As was the case in those days, small villages were self-sufficient and provided a lot of the services and products that nowadays we only find when we go to “town.” Port Clyde General Store has a rich history going back to the Trussell family. There were some other general stores in Port Clyde—George Brown’s, Wilson’s and Marshall’s. There was a factory on Cold Storage Road and one on Factory Road where workers packed sardines, lobsters and clams. There have been several shipbuilding businesses in Port Clyde, too.

There were also businesses that catered to visitors: restaurants, take-outs and cafes, PLUS accommodations such as the Ocean House, the Wawenock, and the Drift Inn. And that leads to the long standing debate about the boundaries of the villages. If you notice in the 1932 list of businesses, it mentions the Drift Inn. I was always told that Drift Inn was in Martinsville! Did you know that Drift Inn beach got its name from this business?

The Historical Society’s website has hundreds of pictures of the area. You can find them at www.stgeorgehistory.com—John Falla

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