A migration of cranes…

The crane is admired for its beauty, and in many cultures is a symbol of good fortune, fidelity, loyalty, long life, and associated with inner and outer peace.

In Japan the crane is thought to be a mystical, holy creature that lives for a thousand years.  Legend has it that anyone with the patience and commitment to fold 1,000 origami paper cranes in one year (one for each year in a crane’s life) will be granted their most desired wish.

After a year of engaging in the practice of making 1,000 cranes, it is my wish to release them into the world and to share their blessings and beauty.  A migration of sorts…

They are $1 each, singly or in strings, to benefit the St. George Fire and Rescue. Find them at the CDC office, the library, town office and Port Clyde post office.

—Wende McIlwain

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