A service project aimed at providing some Christmas joy

The 5th grade crew is doing a community service project for the Portland Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. What we are doing is donating books to kids with cancer and other diseases. We wanted to do it around the holiday to give the books to them on Christmas.
We did a Read-A-Thon, which is where you could donate money to the kids in the 5th grade crew for reading books. We got sponsors and got certain amounts of money for how many pages or chapters or minutes or books we read.
We want to make all the kids at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital filled with joy this Christmas. Our class made a goal of how much money we wanted to earn which was $200. We have over $800 now! On December 20, we will go to the hospital and deliver our books and a check. Thank you all for sponsoring us and I really think that the kids at the hospital will love it!
—Karly Putansu, Grade 5

PHOTO: Christine Miller

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