Apples to applesauce

Rose Reynolds

by Trinity Delaney & Violet Ward

Mrs. Albright’s kindergarten has been learning all about apples, intertwined with science, math and literacy.

They learned about the cycle of an apple tree, from seed to tree. They enjoyed apple poems and apple books.

They looked for rhymes in stories—Apples Up on Top, by Theo LeSieg was the favorite. Then they made their own Apples Up On Top book for the class.

They counted apples, working on1:1 counting skills and made applesauce—and EVERYONE loved it!

Jackson Schwab

They also had a taste test. Will red, green, or yellow apples win? Bayleigh’s and Mila’s favorite apple is red. Alphonse likes yellow, and Ivan’s favorite is green! They made a bar graph to record the outcome. They all agree, apples are the best!

Here is their Apple Song:

I’m a little apple
Short and round
I make a munchy, crunchy sound
If you bite into me
You will see
I am as delicious as can be.

(Delaney and Ward are in the 6th grade at the St. George School.)

PHOTOS: Courtesy St. George School

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