A ‘challenge by choice’ experience

By Laura Olds and Sophia Vigue

From October 16th to the 20th, the 8th grade students from St. George School attended a class trip to The Leadership School at Camp Kieve in Nobleboro. The Leadership School is all about “challenge by choice.” The staff there encourage kids to do things they may not do in their everyday lives. They also taught us a lot about being good leaders and peers.

Our days there were very full and we spent our time doing fun things. We did a lot of group challenges and activities for team building. We had a teacher who worked with us during the day throughout the entire week. He guided us through different team exercises, and the meanings behind them. We learned a lot about communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

There was an indoor climbing wall as well as an outdoor ropes course offered. Many students faced their fear of heights, and almost everyone did at least one climb over the week. A lot of people’s favorite part about Camp Kieve was the climbing. (The three meals and snacks we got every day were also a class favorite.) Our St. George teachers took turns being there with us for the days and overnight.

There were other schools there as well. Most classes were middle-level students, but there were a few younger grades. During the afternoon and evening there were choice activities offered to all the students, like climbing, different outdoor sports, fishing, and arts and crafts. We also did an egg drop competition, played a fun game called “Escape The Freedom,” and did a talent show where we performed a skit or dance with the students in our cabin.

“I liked the fun memories that were created,” Audrey Leavitt stated.

Liam O’Neal reminisced, “It was a great place with great food.”

“I liked it because it had a lot of challenges,” observed Sophia Mathieson.

“My favorite part was that the whole class got to hang out together,” Anna Kingsbury added.

Going to Camp Kieve was an amazing experience for our class. It was great, as this is our last year in school together. This was a way we could spend more time with each other and become closer as a whole and realize what it means to be leaders at our school. We would like to thank the staff, board members and community of St. George for providing this opportunity for us.

Olds and Vigue are 8th grade students at St. George School.

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