Coming together as a school

At St. George School, we have a community meeting every month. Each month, a different class runs the community meeting. Different classes show what they’re learning, and the older kids, such as ourselves, talk about what’s going on in our school. We all sit in a big circle around the gym floor to show that together, we’re a whole. The purpose of community meetings is that we come together as a school and celebrate the achievements of others.

One important tradition we have at St. George is that we sing our school song at every community meeting. Sometimes, the middle level band plays while the rest of the students and teachers sing the song. Our school song was written by Robert Jean, a teacher at our school. He wrote the song with his second grade class, (which is now the present eighth grade class at Oceanside West.)

We asked Mr. Jean how he came up with our school song. He said, “I was driving in my car and I remembered that Mr. Bernard, (our former guidance counselor) wanted to come up with a school song. I knew the tune from other school songs, and I just started putting words to it! My second grade class helped, but I came up with most of the lyrics. None of the words have changed since then. I also wrote a second verse, but we decided to only use the first one.”

We also asked him what his experience was like the first time they sang the song at a community meeting. “It was awesome! I didn’t know if the kids were going to sing loud enough, or if anyone would like the song. After, when we went back to our classroom, Mr. Schooley (our former principal,) came in and told us how much he liked it!”

St. George School Song:
There is a school in Tenants Harbor
In our hearts so dear.
Community, respect and honor,
Targets that are clear.
Students, parents, teachers, friends
Working side by side.
Give a cheer for dear old St. George
Show your dragon pride!

If you would like to attend a community meeting at our school, you can call the office to find out when the next one is or read the weekly newsletter to find out.
—Chloe Simmons and Sophia Campbell (Simmons and Campbell are 7th grade students at the St. George School.)


Student council members presented a check for $170.72 made out to the American Heart Association at a St. George School community meeting day in February 2014. Under the leadership of school nurse Autumn Miller, the students made paper hearts, which they sold for $1 and students and staff then wrote ways to keep their heart healthy on them. The hearts were hung on both sides of the walls of the school’s long hallway. The students also sold Heart Association dress pins. At the community meeting, the members of the student council urged their fellow students “to love your hearts by being physically active, eating healthy foods and being educated about heart disease and its risk factors.” They noted that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States.

PHOTO: Sonja Schmanska

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