A field trip focused on ‘A Human Crisis’

by Madison Barbour

On Tuesday February 27th, 2018 the 7th graders went on a field trip to the Jonathan Frost Gallery in Rockland to a show called “People on the Move: A Human Crisis.” At the gallery we all observed the artwork created by refugees. We had a sheet and wrote down what paintings inspired us most and reasons that people had to leave their homes. There are 65 million people on the move right now because they were driven from their homes to get to a safer place. A couple of the causes were because of war and famine.

There was a girl named Veronica who came to the gallery to talk to us about her experience and what she did in Tanzania, Africa. Veronica was born in Tanzania and her parents and older siblings were born in the Congo. In Tanzania they lived in a refugee camp and they lived in a clay brick house that they built. Veronica enjoys sports, she plays basketball, soccer, softball and track. She can speak almost four languages. She can speak English, Swahili, Kibembe, and some French. Veronica goes to school now at Oceanside Middle School and she is in 8th grade.

We really enjoyed this field trip. Thank you, Ms. Kit Harrison for organizing it for us, and Mr. McPhail and Ms. Ryan for going with us.

(Barbour is a Grade 7 student at the St. George School. Kit Harrison is a language teacher.)

PHOTO: Kit Harrison

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