Girl Scout Troop 1831 heading to Orlando in 2020

St. George Girl Scout Troop 1831 is headed to the Girl Scout National Convention in Orlando, Fla., in October 2020. All ten of the troop’s active members have committed to going. This is a major event where the girls will be part of workshops and planning meetings on what they can do to change the world for the better. Thousands of Girl Scouts will be attending from all over the world.

This is such an incredible experience for these girls to be a part of. The troop will be doing several money-earning events for the next year to help pay for the $15,000 needed to pay for this trip. We will be at this year’s St. George Days selling handmade fire pokers and doing a bake sale with everything made from Girl Scout cookies. We will also be doing several other bake sales, bottle drives, a car wash, babysitting events and much, much more.

There has not before been a whole Girl Scout troop from Maine committed to going to a national Girl Scout convention. These conventions happen every three years in locations across the country. Our Girl Scouts are amazing and everyone should know.
—Dawn Gauthier and Patty St. Clair

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3 thoughts on “Girl Scout Troop 1831 heading to Orlando in 2020

  1. Dawn Leppanen Gauthier

    Thank you for posting. We are so proud of these girls and what they will be able to do in the future.

  2. Leatrice Falla

    I had several of these young ladies in second grade. During their year in grade two they were kind and helpful to their classmates who needed help. Whatever the task at hand they were asked to do they completed it with a positive attitude. They were the girls who were compassionate and aware of how their classmates felt and stepped in when they felt they needed to. Congrats to you girls!!

    Mrs. Falla


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