Girls middle school team crowned Busline League champs

Both championship girls and boys teams

By Sophia Vigue

Friday, January 20, both St. George 8th grade boys and girls teams went to the Busline League middle school small school division title championships. The boys played against Lincolnville, and the girls against Hope.

The girls’ 8th grade players were: Seanna Montgomery, Grace Cody, Leah Cushman, Jordan Beal, Grace Young, Ruby Long, Kaylee Soto. The team’s three 7th grade players were: Cassi Evans, Sophia Vigue, and Noelle Delano. The coach was Chris Mills.

Earlier that week, both teams had claimed southern division championships. The girls played at home against Nobleboro, taking the lead with a final score of 42-32. The boys had an exciting southern division championship game at their hardest competition, Woolwich. The game was close for a long time, but St George took the lead. At the end of the game, they won 70-67.

After both teams were crowned as southern division champions, they went to the Busline League Championships at Wiscasset Middle/High School, where they played against the northern division Champions (Lincolnville boys and Hope girls).  The crowds from St. George were big and loud and very supportive. Lots of community members, parents and classmates were there.

At the end of the day, both teams had hard games, but were now Busline League champs, and got a police escort home by Pat Polky and Jeremy Joslyn. When they crossed the St George town line, they were joined by firetrucks and ambulances driven by R.J. Polky, Chris Leavitt, Ben Caron, Candy Davis, and others. Our school’s head of maintenance, Mr. Randy Elwell, arranged all of this for us. So if you heard some sirens late that Friday night, it wasn’t a fire… it was two victories for St George!

“It was a great season with great teammates, and we were all happy we won the championship game,” said Jordan Beal. “We had some hard games, and easy games, but we made it through with a 15-0 season! GO DRAGONS!”

“This season was the best season ever!” Grace Young exclaimed. “We played great and I wish it never had ended!”

“Thanks to Chris and my teammates, we learned lots of skills and teamwork we used in the games (which is why we were undefeated, of course). We had so much fun!” Kaylee Soto told me.

“I’m very proud of our undefeated team. It’s been a great season with lots of improvement from everyone,” said Leah Cushman.

Next year, the 8th graders will go to their choice of high schools and we will split up, so winning the championship was a great way to end their middle-school basketball experience and most will never forget it.

(Vigue is a 7th-grade student at the St. George School.) 

PHOTO: Patricia Conrad

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