A good outing for school team at Lego League competition

By Leilani Myers
On November 18, 2017 the St.George Steam Powered Dragons competed in the  first Lego League competition in Western Maine, at Spruce Mountain High School. The team was Bennett Mather, Cecil White, Natalie Vanorse, Leah Darling, Jayden Small, Chase Janson, Mila Mathiau, and me, Leilani Myers.

The theme this year for the competition was Hydrodynamics. We had to base pretty much everything we did on water. All of the tasks that had been built for the Lego playing field were based on water problems.

There were five different stages to the competition. The first stage we had was Code Judging. This was when we got our code for the robot checked over to see how efficient and creative it was. Next was stage two, Water Project Judging. In this stage, we explained what we did to try and solve a problem in our community and how we did that. We discussed how bad the water tasted in our school and tried to come up with a solution.  We applied for a grant to see if we could get enough money to afford a water filling station with a filter in our school. This way kids would be healthier and stay hydrated.  Our third stage was our Robot Design Judging. This stage was the most simple one of all. All we had to do was explain how we came up with the attachments for our robot. The judges were impressed with our innovative design.  Stage four was Core Values Judging. We had to explain our poster on core values and do an activity involving collaboration.  Our fifth and final stage was the part when we showed off our programing skills on the playing field. We participated in three rounds and had three tries to do all of our tasks. On each round every team had two minutes and thirty seconds to complete their tasks. There were six tables and 24 teams and everyone got to go three times. The first round we went on we completed three out of four of our coded tasks. Same with the second and third rounds. We made it to the semi-final match and played up to the fourth round, before being eliminated. It was very exciting!

We came in sixth place and did not receive any trophies. But sixth is really good for a first-year team.  It was a very busy and nerve-wracking day, but in the end we were all proud of what we accomplished and went home proud.  Thank you to our mentors, Amy Palmer and Paul Meinersmann and everyone else who contributed to this team.

(Myers is a 6th grade student at the St. George School.)

PHOTO: Amy Palmer

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