Historical society to present program on businesses of Port Clyde Sept. 27

On Thursday, September 27th at 7pm, the St. George Historical Society will present a program about the businesses of Port Clyde at the Port Clyde Baptist Church. It will be a general overview of businesses and should provide a foundation for more programs in the future about more specific businesses, such as the factories, fishing industry, stores, etc.

People attending the event will hear questions, and hopefully some answers, about the best place to get penny candy, the local places to eat, the favorite menu items, the boat builders, the ship builders, who cut hair, were there gas stations, AND where did they park all the cars when the factory was running?

Do you have some stories and maybe some pictures of Port Clyde businesses to share? What is your favorite story about the General Store, Alma Heal or the Seacoast Ramblers playing at the Driftwood on weekends? We learn about and preserve the history of our town by sharing these stories and pictures.

Hope to see you there!—John Falla

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