Ice fishing is my favorite thing to do in winter

by Dylan Lord

Ice fishing has been my favorite thing thing to do in the winter for 80 percent of my life. This cold winter sport is a very fun activity to do on a weekend. There is a lot of enjoyment that you can look back on throughout the week.

Last Saturday when I went ice fishing, the frigid breeze was freezing the tip of my nose. My father and I just got on the perfectly smooth ice. There was no snow on the ice, but there was two inches of crusty, dry snow on the hard, frosty ground. I just finished drilling holes on the ice. The ice was a solid eight inches. One other person was on the part of the lake we were on.

I scooped out the ice holes with an ice scoop, which looks like a one-and-a-half-foot tall ladle with small holes in the scoop to let the water out and keep the slush and ice bits in. I went back to our blue-and-black tent that we had our pack baskets next to. I set my lucky ice-fishing trap, that I have a new flag for because the original flag dry-rotted off.

I tried setting my third trap, but on my lucky trap the flag whooshed up. I dashed over, losing traction with each stride. The reel on the ice fishing trap was spinning really fast. I picked up the trap and started pulling up the line. The fish was definitely on the line and was putting up a great fight. I pulled up the fish and it was a bass, a largemouth bass.

I ended up catching 20 fish on that cold breezy day. It is a very fun, social sport. I love ice fishing and I hope you will try it too.

(Lord is a 6th-grade student at St. George School)

Finn Cushman with a three-pound bass he caught while fishing with his dad and friends at North Pond in Warren.

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