Ice house update

When I put together my February 2018 (“Ice houses and the ice box”) on cutting ice and ice houses in St. George, there were no pictures to be found showing this activity in town. Then a few weeks later some pictures and photo albums were provided for me to review and scan, and guess what? Not one, but two pictures of local ice cutting and ice houses were in the collection!

This first picture (top) is believed to have been taken in either the 1930s or 1940s and comes from a photo album that belonged to Harry Graff, who lived on Sea Street in Tenants Harbor. The picture shows the loading of ice onto a truck to be transported to a local ice house. The picture was taken at the marsh in Tenants Harbor and is looking southeast towards the corner of the current parking area and bench. Unfortunately we have no identification of people in the picture. But if any Dragon readers can assist with this, it would be very helpful.

The second picture (below) comes from a collection of pictures that belonged to Bea Smith, who lived on Watts Avenue in Tenants Harbor. The picture shows her father, Charles Rawley, standing in the doorway of his ice house. This ice house was located on Commercial Street in Tenants Harbor, as you proceed down the hill towards what is now the public landing. This is confirmed by the fact that you can see in the background on the right-hand side a corner of the sail loft building. —John M. Falla

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