It takes funds for a fun trip!

The eighth grade has started fundraising for our annual Québec City trip in the Spring. We will be going May 30-June 2. We will explore all of Québec’s unique features. We will go try different foods that we haven’t had yet, we will go to the mall to shop, and we will be staying in a hotel there. We will be practicing our French in all of those places.

Our first big fundraiser was last week’s Italian Dinner. Instead of having the normal spaghetti dinner, Willow’s parents, India and John McConochie, volunteered to make some delicious Italian-style food. They made pasta and red sauce with Italian sausage, polenta, and homemade garlic bread. They, along with other parents, also made some yummy desserts. 

At the dinner, we each had to work a shift, either setting up, serving, cleaning up, or doing admissions. Grandparents, and other family members and family friends came to enjoy this dinner. At $5 a plate, we made over $1,700 (our original goal was $1,000). This was the biggest crowd for the dinner and open house in the  recent history at the St. George School. People were lined up all the way along the gym walls and almost going out of the door. There were people who came who didn’t even have a child in the school. 

Our goal for raising enough money to get to Québec is $11,000. Our next few months of fundraising will be concessions at home basketball games this winter, a school dance in November, the local Christmas Craft Fairs on Dec 1st and 8th, and a Holiday Band Concert dessert. For fundraising in 2019, we will have the bottles at the transfer station in January, a dance in February, our annual March Madness basketball event, another band concert dessert in March, food at the St. George Business Alliance Fair, and another dance in April or May. With all this fundraising and hard work, the eighth grade class hopes to enjoy a trip to Québec City, Canada this spring. We are thankful for the tremendous support from the St. George community. Merci beaucoup!

—Sophia Miller and Gwen Miller, Grade 8

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