Join a walking tour of Tenants Harbor on July 26

Tenants Harbor village from the Baptist Church steeple

On Thursday, July 26th, the St. George Historical Society will be sponsoring a walking tour of Tenants Harbor. The tour will start at the Tenants Harbor Baptist Church at 6:30pm and will continue along Main Street, ending at the Odds Fellow parking lot on Watts Avenue. Parking will be available at both ends of the tour—Tenants Harbor Baptist Church and Odd Fellows—and if you want to park midway, you can park at the town office.

The Thomas Henderson Homestead

People participating in the tour will learn about the home of Town Talk, a local newspaper of the 1880s. They will also hear about the many businesses that have disappeared over the years—a funeral home, a furniture store, several gas stations, a bakery, a pool hall and dance hall, a millinery shop, a blacksmith shop, several grocery stores, a drug store, a couple of restaurants, and a hotel! All these were once found on Main Street and at the entrance to Watts Avenue. The location of about a dozen homes that once sat along this route­—either torn down, lost to fire, or moved—will be pointed out and some insight as to why one part of Main Street was known as Nob Hill will be given.

Those attending will be provided with a handout showing pictures of what Main Street has looked like over the years. These will include photos of Sheerer’s Drug Store, H.F. Kalloch’s store, Morris’s Tea Room, H.A. Harris Garage, St. George Bakery, and more! Hope to see you there.—John Falla

Rummage sale at Wheeler’s

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One thought on “Join a walking tour of Tenants Harbor on July 26

  1. Robert Bamford

    Is there a possibility that the handout could be made available for those unable to participate? And could someone take pictures of the walk locations and capture the guide’s narrative? Make that available? Seems like there might be a fund raising opportunity here for the Historical Society.


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