Let’s make music and art as important as sports


By Jed Miller

I am a life-long St. George resident and have three kids that have attended or still attend St. George School. The St. George School is a great school because it gives a lot of individual attention to each and every kid. It also provides a lot of different activities including band, all your classic sports, lacrosse, and many other extra curricular activities. One thing I’ve noticed since growing up in this area and also raising my kids, is that there still seems to be a greater amount of attention and esteem given to sports, particularly basketball. I myself have played and still play sports and love them. But it’s easy to become one dimensional and too focused on sports.

Sports are great for exercise, fundamental team-building skills, and learning to cope through adversity, but sports are not the only thing life is about. Sports can create a competitive environment, which is good to a degree, but that can make us forget about the beautiful parts about life. That’s where music and art come in.

Music and art slow us down and let us enjoy the moment and the beauty of that moment. I think that is severely important for every human. The world is fast-paced and ultra competitive, and we need to be prepared for that. But music and art last forever and make you feel better when things are getting too stressful. The St. George School does a great job of getting kids involved with music and art, but after they leave St. George a lot of kids don’t continue making music and art because they feel like it’s not “cool.” But music and art are cool, and they are pursuits a person can use forever.

So I would love to see kids become just as psyched about band as they are about the next basketball game. I’m sure that some kids are, but most aren’t. Maybe it starts with us parents. Maybe we as parents need to promote music and art as hard as we promote basketball, football, and baseball. Music and art are proven to be extremely beneficial for a child’s mental well being, as well as mental growth.

That’s just a thought coming from a sports nut and over-the-top parent.

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