To the editor:
Over this past fall, the 200-year-old Tenants Harbor Baptist Church has undergone renovations to the church’s steeple. The major repairs have been needed for over a decade and we are pleased to announce that the work, done exceptionally well by J. Richardi Construction Inc., is now complete. The project was made possible by a grant fund of the Maine Community Foundation.

On December 16, we marked the completion of the project with a ceremonial ringing of the church’s bell, located atop the steeple in the belfry. Prior to the renovations, we were unable to ring the bell.

The church, founded in 1842, has been a central figure in Tenants Harbor and the larger St. George Community. With the church sitting high on the hill on Main Street, the steeple has been referred to as the “Lighthouse on the Hill.”

Now that the renovations are complete, we’re excited to have our “Lighthouse on the Hill” back in working order.

—Walter W. Desruisseaux, Sr., Tenants Harbor Baptist Church

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