Dear Editor,
As you may know, with the exception of our sailing instructors, the workforce of St. George Sailing is all-volunteer.  Members of the Board of Directors pitch in to do everything including accounting, fundraising, registration, boat hauling and maintenance, daily management, and much more.  With the support of so many in St. George, we are proud to have established St. George Sailing as a contributing member of the community.  But to keep our organization operating smoothly, we need help.

If you value St. George Sailing and would be willing to contribute some time to help out, please let us know.  We could really use some additional hands and can tailor the tasks to suit your skills and the time you have available.  As examples, we’d love for others to take on any of these tasks:

· Coordinate St. George Sailing participation in St. George Days (this year, Saturday, July 15)
· Coordinate participation in the Red Jacket Regatta (this year, Sunday July 16)
· Coordinate Parents on the Water day for each sailing session.
· Volunteer to bring refreshments to the Awards Ceremony and/or sell St. George Sailing merchandise

If none of these seems right for you, we have plenty of other ideas, and we are ready to give you all the help you need to get started!  You don’t need to be a current or former sailing parent and you don’t need to live in St. George full time—all you need is an interest in keeping St. George Sailing available as a resource for the children of the area!
Many thanks,

Kate Bourne
St. George Community Sailing Foundation
PO Box 435
Tenants Harbor, ME 04860

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