Maine artichokes

  This was a good artichoke year for us. Being Mediterranean plants, they liked the hot and rather dry weather, though we did work at keeping them watered. These are Imperial Star globe artichokes, bred for annual production. I start them in the greenhouse the beginning of February and when they are about six weeks old, put the plants in a cool, dark spot in the greenhouse for about six weeks so they think they go through a winter. Then they come out into the light and heat, and finally into the garden toward the end of May. By the middle of July: lovely and delicious artichokes. But I always leave a few to let them flower. They are members of the thistle family, so we get the hugest thistles ever. How’s that: food and flower both!
—Anne Cox, Hedgerow

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One thought on “Maine artichokes

  1. Barbara Anderson

    Enjoyed your notes about your artichoke garden Anne. Who knew? Sounds like a good February workshop for folks who might want to try competeing (sp?) with you! Or just see you and Julie. Thanks – Barbara Anderson


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