New French intern hails from Vittel

by Laura Olds and Sophia Vigue

This school year we welcome Nicolas Masson as our new French intern. He is 23 years old and is from Vittel, a town in Lorraine, which is in the northeast of France. This is his first time in the U.S.

Nicolas says he likes it here in America because it is very different from Europe. He says it’s almost like another whole world.

“Where I’m from there are lots of little villages and a church in the middle of every one of them,” he told us. “French school lunches have more courses than here. We also have choices. Every Friday we can choose fish at school because many French people are Catholic. The government regulates the food that can be served in school. Every school works with a dietician to choose the menu. Like here in St. George, we are out in the country, so you have to have a car to get anywhere.”

This is not his first time teaching internationally. He interned in Scotland to help teach a high school class. He told us that Scotland schooling was also different than French, but nowhere near as different is here, because Scotland is also a European country.

Since he has been here, he has experienced many cool things. “I went to the Marshall Point Lighthouse the other day, and before then, I had no idea it was the lighthouse from Forrest Gump!” he said. His host, Steve Lindsay, also took him on his very first sailboat ride. He got to experience a little bit of the coast of Maine with a trip to an island and a sunset sail.

Nicolas will be staying with Steve and Jo Lindsay until Thanksgiving. But after that, host families are needed! If you are interested in hosting Nicolas, please contact Kit Harrison (k.harrison@stgeorgemsuorg).

(Olds and Vigue are 8th grade students at the St. George School.)
PHOTO: Olds/Vigue

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