November poems

The trees stand still
As dead as sticks
Their bark is pale and grey
No leaves are left on their limbs after the cold winds before
Lifeless for now
Waiting for Spring to come

The geese fly high
Their white bellies and black beaks are all that you can see
They honk and they go
Yelling at each other
Above the wind
Screaming out directions
Leaving the cold behind

The ground is crisp with crumbling brown leaves
Everything is covered with prickly white frost
As cold as death
It freezes your feet
Yet it melts in your hands

The sun is dimming
The air is cold
Not a sound in the air
Not a color in the world
November is here

—Anya Felton

November haiku
November is a
Bridge to a different world
From brightness to bleak

—Natalie Gill

Leaves are gone
But some are still
Bold colors
Multi-colored grass
Thin jackets
Pink cheeks
Chilly breeze
Hair blowing in the wind
Cloudy skies
The thought of rain
The idea of snow

—Caroline Matthews

The trees are losing their leaves
And the birds are leaving their nests
Once they arrive in the south
They will have earned a long rest
The trees are tired
Fall makes them grow old
As the days get shorter
And the wind gets cold
As winter comes closer
The trees say good bye
And then say good night
Before going to sleep
In their blanket of white.

— Julian Davis

The poets are in the 7th grade at St. George School.

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