Pi Skylines and Pi-ku Poems

—Ella Wirkala, Grade 8

π   3.14159265359…

To celebrate Pi Day, we graphed the first several digits of pi, and turned our graphs into skylines and other artwork. We also wrote “pi” poems, with the number of words in each line corresponding to each digit in Pi. Students were encouraged to use the decimal point in their poems also (period, dot, spot, point, etc.).

What’s pi?
Pi is a magical number! It’s the number you get when you divide the circumference of any circle by its diameter—any circle in the entire world! We need pi to do any math that involves circles or curves—like calculating the orbit of a planet, the area of a circle or the frequency of sound waves.

Pi is an irrational number, which means the digits never end or repeat, but we only had time to graph the first few digits!

Swishy, sticky slimy
Changing colors all around
This is a pi poem
I need to find some words that describe octopi.
Found some
Lots of tentacles coming at me
Slinking along the ocean floor
They’re sometimes orange, sometimes green
They’re underwater chameleons
Fishing for little tiny fishes
When they catch one, they slurp it down
But be careful, because they can get you too
Now it’s changing, swimming in the sea
I like pi and lots of little tiny octopi.
—Leilani Myers, Grade 7

Right On The
Smashes The Bobber Down
The Line Tightens And Tightens
The Fish Is Strong It Pulls Tightening The Line
I Pull
When Then Fish Pulls I Pull
I Get It To Shore
It’s A Bass
A Super Good Largemouth Bass
I Got The Hook Then I Released It
It Swam Away I Got My Pole And Casted
After I Caught Three More I Left
—Chase Jansen, Grade 7

—Willow McConochie, Grade 8

The Pi Day project was a collaboration between St. George School grades 6-8 classes in math (Ms. Bartke) and English Language Arts (Ms. Schmanska).


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