Signs of spring at St. George School

By Sophia Vigue and Allison Gill
It’s springtime! And that means new projects at St. George School. We interviewed students and teachers from each grade.  Here are some springy highlights:

Ms. England and the 8th grade class have been studying local vernal pools with support from the Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Amanda Devine and Kirk Gentalen. Using a GoPro camera, they’ve spotted different amphibian species including salamander and wood frog eggs.

The 6th grader has been learning about the watershed and ecosystem of the marsh. They have been going down to the marsh to study the water resources, habitats, and history of the marsh. See their blog here:

The 6th graders are also raising worms for compost in their math class. The students are working to design a vermicomposting system to match their food waste.

The 4th graders took advantage of the good spring weather to visit the Norlands Museum in Livermore, Maine. When they were there they experienced what life was like in the 1800s. They got to encounter what school, chores, and everyday living was like.

Ms. Smith and her 2nd grade class planted milkweed and some “mystery seeds” and have been taking care of them. They have also been writing spring haikus.

Ms. Babb’s 2nd grade class is doing an expedition on lobsters and lobstering in Maine this spring. The students are very excited!

Ms. Albright’s kindergarten class has been planting marigolds for the classroom. They have also hatched ducklings and chicks in their classroom, and everyone loves the little peeps coming from the cage!

And finally, students spotted a spotted salamander that had made its way into the hall at school one morning. Students gathered around to see the little guy hanging around the trophy case.
So now that flowers have popped up, the sun has come out, and little creatures have come around, we hope you have a great spring!

(Vigue and Gill are 7th grade students at the St. George School.)

PHOTOS: Ashby Bartke, Alison England, Rebecca Albright

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