St. George Historical Society project—and website!

The Brown house on Main Street in Tenants Harbor

It would surprise you how much history exists in town hidden away in attics, trunks or other storage areas. Several years ago Dana Smith began a project of gathering whatever he could—photos, newspaper clippings, etc.—and chronicling it in 3-ring binders at the Marshall Point Light House Museum. Dana would make photocopies or take pictures of these items, and sort them into the various categories of sports, houses, schools, etc. Last time I knew there were over 30 binders that Dana had created. Some of the material was also donated to the Historical Society in order to preserve it and provide safekeeping. These items have been cataloged and are stored in a vault at the town office.

From Jane Brown’s collection

Recently I decided to begin a new phase of what Dana began—digitizing the collection, but also continuing the process of collecting local history. I have started an archive of digital images, copying from the collection and adding what has been generously donated by others. Judy Smalley of Hampton, N.H., provided some old tintypes, photos, deeds and wills—which I scanned and returned, along with a CD of the images—of the Smalley and Fogerty family. Jane Brown asked me about an old dresser she had in the house that had “H F K, Tenants Harbor” stenciled on the bottom of the drawer. I told her about the H. F. Kalloch store that used to be on Main Street in Tenants Harbor, and then asked her about any old pictures she may have in the house (knowing that the house has been in the Brown family since it was built in the 1870s). Jane provided me with some old tintypes and a photo album for scanning. Again, I processed and promptly returned them with a CD of the images. One of those images appears with this article.

From Judy Smalley’s collection

Along with this project has been the creation of a new website­—­—that is still in its early stages, but has over 300 postcard images of the area. Thanks to Steve Adams, who allowed the scanning of his postcard collection, there will be about another 100 cards added soon to the website. This website also has a section called Faces of St. George. It has some pictures of people who were part of the history of St. George. Most of the pictures are identified, but it has been suggested that a section be added of people that are currently unidentified in hopes that some people will recognize an old aunt or uncle, or maybe granddad’s cousin, and a connection will be made. The two images shown here are such photos.

If you have some history of St. George and would like to share it, you can call me at 701-9750 or email me at —John Falla

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