St. George second graders do ‘school swap’ with West Bath

Isabelle (right) is my friend from West Bath school. She loves her teacher. She said not to use plastic. Isabelle is a great student.
—Madison Staples (left)

The St. George School’s second grade crew spent the fall learning about schools and communities. To foster new relationships and expand our views, we participated in a school swap with the second grade crew at West Bath School, where they were also completing the same unit of study. The entire second grade crew from West Bath School came to St. George School and each student spent the day shadowing a St. George peer. Students interviewed one another to find similarities that connect them and differences that inspire them. Our students then used the information gained in peer interviews to begin exploring paragraph structure and practice a new domain of writing. Below are samples of their work.
—Alison Babb, Grade 2 teacher

Zaden (left) is my best friend at West Bath School. Zaden is eight years old. He takes the bus like me. Zaden is silly. Zaden is a great friend.
—Phoebe Salo (right)

Maggie (center) is a lovely person at West Bath School. She is eight years old. Maggie is nice to me and she loves to learn. Maggie is a great friend.
—Brynn Viles (right)     Baya Healey is pictured at left.

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