Thank you

So last Saturday was my beautiful husband Tom Armitage’s Celebration of Life. It was the most moving, heartfelt tribute to anyone that I have ever witnessed. It seemed the entire community came together to make it all possible. From Suzanne and Sherman Hoyt who offered their beautiful property, to the St George Fire Department, the Town of St George and some of the guys at Harbor Builders to help keep us dry and comfortable. To Don Carpenter for his heartfelt and difficult eulogy. To our organizer, Fletcher Smith for everything. To Katy and George Tripp for printing the programs. To Tracy and Steve for a beautiful performance and my good friend Margot Kelley for being there for me. To my boys and their wives for all their support. To everyone who spoke and everyone who stepped up to organize the food, drive the shuttle buses, make food, clean up…. I could go on but you all know who you are and I think you know how much it meant to me and our family. I know Tom was smiling down at us. I am so proud and lucky to live in a community as this. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I also want to thank Val, Tom’s hospice nurse, for greatly improving the quality and extending his life. Much love and thanks to all.

Laura Armitage

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