Today’s renovations to the steeple

Tenants Harbor Baptist Church

Over the next two months, the nearly 200-year-old Tenants Harbor Baptist Church will be in the midst of a renovation project.

The church’s steeple has been in need of major repairs for over a decade, and after successfully raising a majority of the funding for the project, work is getting underway to bring the steeple up to its previous glory.

The church, founded in 1842, has been a central figure in the Tenants Harbor and greater St. George community. With the church sitting high on the hill on Main Street, the steeple has been known throughout the years as the “Lighthouse on the Hill.”

However, due to decades of wear and tear up on that hill, the light has not been shining—nor the church bell rung as of late.

Weathering the Maine elements has caused numerous steeple elements to deteriorate. The steeple has also been struck by lightening several times throughout the church’s history, the last time being about 15 years ago.

Throughout the years, intermittent repairs have been made to keep the steeple in adequate shape. But the renovations being made this fall are needed to bring the steeple to its original condition.

During the steeple’s restoration, several belfry posts and beams will be replaced, along with the installation of two new bell braces, which support the church bell. A wall realignment will need to be completed, as well as replacing all of the trim and finish on the steeple’ belfry. Other repairs are also included in the plans.

Once the work is done, we’re hopeful to have “The Lighthouse on the Hill” back in working order so we can once again ring the bell and light the steeple. —Walter W. Desruisseaux, Sr.

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