Tools and work

by Leilani Myers and Evie Thissell

(L to R) Carlin Thompson, Bishop Lunt and John Falla as chef, lobsterman and fireman

Since returning to school, we’ve been traveling around the building looking for things the grades are doing that are new and different at St. George School. We have found lots of cool things, such as a new music program, some new STEAM classes, a new gym teacher, a new French teacher, and lots more plans! Since it’s too much to write about in one article, we decided to begin by highlighting what’s going on in Ms. Ruth Thompson’s First Grade and Ms. Meghan Smith’s Kindergarten/First Grade classes.

Both Ms. Thompson’s and Ms. Smith’s classes are having an amazing time in their “Tools and Work” expedition. They are learning about tools that people use in their different professions. Several guests have visited their classrooms to demonstrate the tools they use in their every-day work. They have seen tools from a custodian, gym teacher, cook, artist and nurse, from right in our own school! They have also visited the Children’s Museum in Rockland to see tools from other trades, such as veterinarians and artists and scientists. Their final project will be to work collaboratively in teams to identify a need within the classroom, school, or playground and to design and build an amazing solution with the appropriate tools. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!

(Myers and Thissell are 8th-grade students at the St. George School.)

PHOTO: Ruth Thompson

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