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The Town of St. George Select Board has been taking steps to improve communications with the residents of St. George, partly in response to some controversial issues that have arisen recently, particularly with 10 Cold Storage Road. To that end, the Board is encouraging residents to subscribe to the St. George Newsletter, which can be done by contacting the Town Office (372-6363) or by signing up on the Town website (stgeorgemaine.com). The newsletter is published every two months and subscribers can opt to receive it either by mail or email. Regardless, the decision has been made to send a copy of the newsletter to every resident at least once a year—this year the mailing went out at the end of August.

In addition, making the Town website (stgeorgemaine.com) easier to navigate has been another goal. The Board is pleased to announce that new version is now up and running. It has asked that, beginning this month, the various boards, committees and commissions put updates on their activities on the website so that residents wanting to track more closely the work of these groups can find the information they are seeking in a quick, easy-to-read format as well as through the usual notifications of meetings and agendas and the publication of meeting minutes.

The St. George Select Board is open to other ideas on how to improve Town communications. It also encourages anyone with a question about any activities of the Town administration or any of the Town boards or committees to feel free to contact the Town Manager, the appropriate department head or any member of the Select Board:

Richard Bates   372-6904
Jerry Hall    701-1263
Wayne Sawyer    372-6489
Tammy Willey    372-8904
Randy Elwell    372-0602

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