Winter pursuits

By Bryson Mattox

Addie McPhail tries out cross-country skiing.

On February 17th, all of the students and teachers of St. George School got to participate in Winter Pursuits Day. We had big snow storms earlier that week, so there was lots of snow and the temperature was comfortable. It was a perfect day to play outside.  Mr. Theriault, 3rd-grade teacher, thought of the idea, organized the activities, and rented the supplies from Maine Sport so that everyone in grades K-8 could try out a new sport.

Everyone had a choice of snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. For cross-country skiing, we went down to the soccer field and played around with the skis.  After maybe a half hour, we went on the nature trail for a little while, then we went in to heat up.  The parents’ group provided hot chocolate for us.

For snowshoeing we hiked and packed down snow on the nature trail.  It was packed full of fun and adventure and was a good workout, too. Kindergarten kids got to do winter ecology games with Ms. Palmer.  Everyone got to play in the snow and go sledding.  Overall, we had a ton of fun at Winter Pursuits Day.

(Mattox is a  5th grade student at the St. George School.)

PHOTO: Alison England

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